Item 4 is hereby supplemented by adding the following paragraphs:
On September 6,2022, the Issuer entered into an exclusivity agreement (the “Exclusivity Agreement”) with the Reporting Person which grants the Reporting Person a 30day exclusivity period during which the Issuer agreed not to, directly or indirectly, solicit, participate in negotiations with or furnish any confidential information to any person other than the Reporting Person with respect to the Issuer or any of its subsidiaries in connection with, or approve or enter into any agreement relating to, any alternative thirdparty proposal to make a material investment in, acquire a material equity interest in, or acquire a material portion of the assets of, the Issuer. Under the terms of the exclusivity agreement, the Issuer is not prohibited from soliciting, negotiating with, furnishing confidential information to, or approving or entering into any agreements with banks, lenders (except for strategic business partners) and other financial institutions for debt financing transactions. At this time, there can be no assurances that the Issuer will or will not enter into any definite agreements with the Reporting Person, issue any securities to the Reporting Person (including the CPS) or otherwise enter into any other strategic corporate transactions with the Reporting Person or, following expiration of the exclusivity period, any other third party.
A copy of the Exclusivity Agreement is filed as Exhibit 99.2 to this Statement, and is incorporated by reference into this Item 4.